Covid 19 Vaccinations

Who can get a COVID-19 vaccine

Additional protection for people with a severely weakened immune system

COVID-19 vaccines are normally given seasonally, but some people with a severely weakened immune system may need additional protection at other times.

Seasonal COVID-19 vaccines

The NHS will contact you if your NHS record suggests you may be eligible for a seasonal spring COVID-19 vaccine.

You may be able to get a spring COVID-19 vaccine from April 2024 if you:

  • are aged 75 years old or over
  • live in a care home for older adults
  • are aged 6 months old or over and have a weakened immune system

Which COVID-19 vaccine will I get?

There are several different COVID-19 vaccines in use in the UK. They have all met strict standards of safety, quality and effectiveness.

You cannot choose which COVID-19 vaccine you have. Most people can have any of the COVID-19 vaccines and you will be offered a vaccine that is suitable for you.

Some people are only offered certain vaccines, for example:

  • if you’re under 18 years old
  • in very rare cases if you’ve had a severe allergic reaction to one of the vaccines you may be referred to a specialist clinic for your vaccination

Children under 12 years old will be given smaller doses than older children and adults.

How well do the COVID-19 vaccines work?

If you’re at increased risk of illness from COVID-19, getting a COVID-19 vaccine gives you good protection and helps to:

  • reduce your risk of getting seriously ill or dying from COVID-19
  • reduce your risk of needing to go to hospital if you catch COVID-19
  • reduce your risk of catching and spreading COVID-19
  • protect against different strains (variants) of COVID-19

COVID-19 vaccines are offered because viruses change, and protection fades over time.

If you are eligible to receive your Spring Booster vaccination please book online or alternatively call 0161 393 2976.